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Social media and crew

In the current business age, social media and an online presence are considered essential tools to brand one’s identity and create a company persona to draw in new customers and recruit competitively. Some corporations have […]


Gender equality taken seriously by IMO

The IMO’s decision to dedicate 25 June, this year’s International Day of the Seafarer, to gender equality is indicative of a gradual cultural shift in the sector towards being more visibly inclusive. Given that shipping […]


A wake up call on mental health

During a ‘Wellness at Sea’ conference in March last year, held by the British Sailor’s Society, I was struck by the powerful presentations on the significance of the impact of mental health matters on shipboard […]



Safety at Sea Survey of the Month

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Recent data from @IHSMarkit's Commodities at Sea shows Venezuelan #crudeoil loadings recovered slightly in June to around 870 thousand b/d. However, the year-on-year decline stabilized at rather high levels. https://t.co/aGhGUMToRd

Suicide is a major killer of seafarers.

Join with us in saying Not On My Watch to suicide and depression at sea.

Find out more: https://t.co/2XIFUyzN3s

#NotOnMyWatch #seafarers https://t.co/arlpImiJYG

A hearty contender, but you don't make the cut for the #SASAwards, salmon.

Bring on the secret starter