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A wake up call on mental health

During a ‘Wellness at Sea’ conference in March last year, held by the British Sailor’s Society, I was struck by the powerful presentations on the significance of the impact of mental health matters on shipboard […]


Assessing automation’s impact

Transportation is the backbone of our globalised economy and it has been undergoing significant transformation because of the 4th Industrial Revolution – a period characterised by the integration of artificial intelligence and higher degrees of […]



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Ineos Mega-Tanker Taking Debut #Ethane Cargo to Europe https://t.co/0mIfBfZOwx; @IHS4Maritime

Mental health doesn't discriminate against age, nationality or rank. Anxiety, social isolation, pressure etc. can negatively influence seafarers. It is everyones job to encourage and promote a supportive environment onboard: https://t.co/FS9asmFe8R #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek