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Looking to a holistic view of safety

On 6 January 2018, the vessels Sanchi and CF Crystal were involved in a widely publicised collision resulting in the loss of 32 lives. We don’t know yet what led to this tragic event but we […]

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A wake up call on mental health

During a ‘Wellness at Sea’ conference in March last year, held by the British Sailor’s Society, I was struck by the powerful presentations on the significance of the impact of mental health matters on shipboard […]


Assessing automation’s impact

Transportation is the backbone of our globalised economy and it has been undergoing significant transformation because of the 4th Industrial Revolution – a period characterised by the integration of artificial intelligence and higher degrees of […]



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LNG-fuelled grab hopper dredger (GHD) Werkendam is to start its first project in the port of Rotterdam. Read all about it on the @DPC_magazine website