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What to do during a quarantine

Given the recent parotitis outbreak affecting twenty-five sailors and marines aboard the USS Fort McHenry, resulting in the ship being quarantined at sea for two months, and the potential spread of infection during the ship’s early […]

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Gender equality taken seriously by IMO

The IMO’s decision to dedicate 25 June, this year’s International Day of the Seafarer, to gender equality is indicative of a gradual cultural shift in the sector towards being more visibly inclusive. Given that shipping […]


A wake up call on mental health

During a ‘Wellness at Sea’ conference in March last year, held by the British Sailor’s Society, I was struck by the powerful presentations on the significance of the impact of mental health matters on shipboard […]


Assessing automation’s impact

Transportation is the backbone of our globalised economy and it has been undergoing significant transformation because of the 4th Industrial Revolution – a period characterised by the integration of artificial intelligence and higher degrees of […]



Safety at Sea Survey of the Month

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Curious to know how the latest meeting from OPEC+ will impact major #importers and #oil prices? Join us on July 16th, 4:00pm GST for our upcoming webinar to find out. #OPEC https://t.co/fzXzRpEE5g

On this Day of the Seafarer, here’s to all the wonderful women of the sea and those who support them in times of need.

#DayOfTheSeafarer #IamOnBoard #careersatsea #thankyou @IMOHQ


Our manager, Catherine, is delighted to judge the #SASawards yesterday. So many impressive entries demonstrating industry commitment to safety. It was an intensive day: winners will be announced at the awards night in Sept! @IHS4SafetyAtSea @Tanya_Blake @NadkarniNamrata