Lloyd’s Register cyber-enabled COSCO Shipping Aries (above)

Cyber attack hits COSCO Shipping

COSCO Shipping’s US operations have been hit by a cyber attack affecting the carrier’s ability to communicate with vessels, customers, and marine terminals. “Communications are very difficult right now” as a result of the outage, […]

‘Just as physical damage can disrupt a supply chain

Cyber insurance remains complex, sector warned

Shipowners, shipping firms, and ports and terminal operators have been warned of the growing threat of cyber attack on the supply chain. The International Underwriting Association’s (IUA’s) Cyber Underwriting Group has published a report on […]

Transformative technologies such as blockchain are revolutionising global industry

Blockchain: Is shipping prepared?

Working towards a more efficient future consumes many of those in shipping and trying to predict it is essential, particularly as vessel construction can have a two-year lead time. As the shipping industry appears to […]