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Navigating out of the grey zone

COVID-19 has created untenable situations for crew. Shipping must act to improve mental health provisions now and for the future For those working in maritime, it has been well-known that our industry often fails to provide adequate […]

Pandemic sets new reality for seafarers

The work to protect crew wellbeing has taken on even greater significance during this pandemic, with a new set of challenges facing those in the seafaring community The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a very welcoming […]

A decade of mentoring

We should not let opportunities to impart valuable maritime knowledge pass us by. It would be such a waste as that knowledge might help save a live at sea I began writing my book Mentoring […]

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A shift in perspective

All too often people, especially crew, are identified as the weak link in cyber security. Let’s show that people are a company’s biggest strength More than half of respondents to the Safety at Sea and […]

Shared concerns survey – crew health

Each month Safety at Sea magazine runs a survey, asking crews for their opinions on topics impacting their safety. This survey, from the November 2019 issue, looks at whether crew feel companies are delivering the […]