Pandemic sets new reality for seafarers

The work to protect crew wellbeing has taken on even greater significance during this pandemic, with a new set of challenges facing those in the seafaring community The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a very welcoming […]

A decade of mentoring

We should not let opportunities to impart valuable maritime knowledge pass us by. It would be such a waste as that knowledge might help save a live at sea I began writing my book Mentoring […]

Understanding safety culture

While understanding and implementing a good safety culture can seem complex, it is essential to building a safer shipping industry The start of a new decade gives us an opportunity to look at things with […]

Learning before incidents

Switching from reactive learning to proactive group thinking creates a stronger safety culture Learning from incidents is extremely important and over the years the industry has developed several strong methods to ensure that ‘hindsight learning’ […]

ICS secretary general Guy Platten. Credit: Mark Earthy

A culture of safety

While shipping has become safer, the industry must put a strong focus on safety culture and invest in training Being exposed to the day-to-day reality of the safety of life at sea throughout my career […]