Tailor made simulators improving safety training standards

K-Sim Safety Steering Gear Fire VR. Credit: KONGSBERG

Simulators have been on the market for at least 30 years, however, the boom in technology and computer modelling, teamed with drastically improved visual display features, has paved the way for truly life-like ship simulators.

The potential impact today’s simulators can have on safety culture onboard is huge, with them essentially able to provide the necessary training for a ‘worst case scenario’ without putting crew at risk. The training aspect of this technology prepares crew members for high-stress incidents such as an onboard fire or grounding. By carrying out a dry-run of a safety incident, the crew are more likely to react in a composed manner when faced with a similar situation onboard.

The use of simulators will of course not completely dispense with crew panic and accidents, nevertheless, it appears to be the best tool on the market to prepare crew in the event of a crisis.

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