Amin Shipping threatens crew

Crew members on board the Onda are in fear of their safety

Indian crew members on board general cargo vessel Onda in Tiko, Cameroon, have reported that the owner of the vessel, Mohammed Amin of Amin Shipping, has repeatedly threatened their safety.

Crew member Mohammed Jubeen Khan told SAS in late December 2018 that conditions on board the ship have been poor from the start, with Amin refusing to pay them their salary for over 18 months, and provide them with fresh water (leading to them collecting and drinking rain water) and barely providing rations. Khan noted that while Amin previously claimed a lack of ready funds to pay the salaries of his five Indian crew members, he recently informed them that not only would he not pay, but that if they refused to leave without payment, he would ensure that they were imprisoned.

Khan stated that he and the vessel’s previous captain had reached out to the seafarers union ITF and to the Indian Consulate in Cameroon and Nigeria in the hope of assistance, but to no avail. With resources dwindling, crew members remain caught between the fear of Amin’s potential influence with local authorities and the fear of being abandoned in Cameroon without pay, assistance, or any way to return home.