Seagull updates its Crew Evaluation System

CES is continually being updated and revised.

Norway-based Seagull Maritime has upgraded its Crew Evaluation System (CES), which is designed to evaluate the background knowledge of seafarers and identify training needs specific to knowledge areas, based on the IMO’s International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

CES was developed in 1995 and first came online in 2010. Since then, the system has recorded several million test results and is currently installed with more than 350 companies worldwide. It consists of a question database with more than 6,500 multiple choice questions. CES can be used in the recruitment process and to measure the knowledge level of existing officers and crew.

Seagull claims that CES is one of the most used online assessment tools in the maritime industry and is continually being updated and revised. In 2018, Seagull introduced several changes to its existing platform resulting in its CES version 6 with HTML5-based player inside.

Other improvements include a “new and friendlier” interface that handles dynamic resizing of windows, and controls that are “more intuitive and easier to use on tablets and mobiles”.

Seagull is also starting to enable audio to be used in questions and answer alternatives. The company-specific tests can now offer between two and eight possible answers and more than one correct answer.

Time limits can be set for the tests and new questions have been added to the CES library