Chinese coast guard rescues seafarer after fall from height

Credit: Gary McLeod

A seafarer had to be rescued by the Chinese coastguard after a fall from height on board Mandarin Glory on 30 August.

The search-and-rescue (SAR) centre in Wenzhou in China’s Zhejiang province was alerted to the incident last Friday aboard the Singapore-flagged 2009-built 57,000 dwt Supramax bulk carrier, owned by Dasin Holdings, at about 21.35 h local time.

Although the seafarer’s breathing and blood pressure were normal, he was immobile, and the ship captain contacted the nearest SAR centre. The staff at Dasin said the crewmember injured his lumbar nerve, and, luckily, was not in critical condition.

At the time, Mandarin Glory was 100 n miles east of Dongtou, in the East China Sea.

Strong waves made it unviable for a patrol vessel to come alongside Mandarin Glory.

After some discussion with the captain of Mandarin Glory, it was agreed that the bulk carrier and the patrol vessel would meet near Beiyuanyu island in Dongtou.

The patrol vessel set out at 04.00 h the following day.

In the meantime, the coastguard and the Mandarin Glory captain communicated via very high frequency (VHF) and satellite phone to share information on the injured seafarer’s condition and assess the next course of action.

Upon arriving at the meeting point at 05.30 h, medics were sent onto Mandarin Glory.

The Wenzhou SAR centre said, “It was decided to bind the wounded seafarer with hard board and place him on a stretcher. The winds and waves were strong and the ship was swaying so there was a risk of aggravating the seafarer’s condition if he was carried along the gangway. So, we carried him to the rear deck and transferr[ed] him to our vessel, using the ship crane.”

Mandarin Glory was sailing from Changzhou, mainland China, to Ho-Ping, Taiwan, when the incident happened.

The ship arrived at its destination on 2 September.

A staff member at Dasin Holdings told Safety at Sea that the company is still looking into the circumstances that resulted in the seafarer’s injury, adding that the seafarer underwent an operation and is now in stable condition.