Cruise ship collides with cargo vessel in Holland

The Waal river near Nijmegen with cargo ships passing by. Credit: Getty Images

The Dutch fire department evacuated 240 people off a cruise ship after it collided with a car laden cargo ship in the Netherlands.

At around 4am local time on the 20 March, emergency services teamed with their public works service (the Rijswaterstaat), were called to the Waal river near Nijmegen as a fire had broken out on the US Flagged MS Edelweiss, owned by the Swiss shipping company SCYLLA.

The fire was caused by considerable damage to the hull of the MS Edelweiss, as the collision with the cargo ship, the MV Forenso, pushed the MS Edelweiss into the pillar of a railway bridge. This was during the cruise ship’s voyage to their next stop, the port of Rotterdam.

SCYLLA thanked the emergency services for their speedy and professional response, exemplified by the immediate removal of the 180 passengers and 60 crew onboard, resulting in zero casualties.

The cargo ship, on the other hand, appeared to have suffered negligible damage as it managed to berth further down the river.

The exact cause of the collision is as yet unknown and an investigation is ongoing.