Dislodged crane falls on Evergreen Vessel in Vancouver

The boom of a container crane dislodged and fell at the port of Vancouver. (Credit: Loco Steve)

A number of containers were damaged after the boom of a container crane dislodged and fell on Evergreen boxship Ever Summit at the port of Vancouver on Monday 28 January 2019.

Reports suggest that, at around 4am PST, the vessel was docking at GCT Vanterm terminal, situated in Vancouver’s inner harbour, when it snagged the crane, dislodging the stowed boom and causing it to smash into the top row of containers at the aft end of the ship. Crew, as well as a marine pilot with B.C. Coast Pilots, were reported unharmed.

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board is deploying investigators to the Port of Vancouver to further determine the cause of the accident.

“While we continue to assess the situation, an exclusion zone has been set up to ensure the safety of all those at the terminal and for any operational impacts,” Global Container Terminal spokesperson Louanne Wong told local press. “Our primary concern continues to be the safety of our employees and workforce, and all port workers. No vessel operations are active at GCT Vanterm at this moment.”

The inner-city Port of Vancouver is widely held to be one of the most challenging in the world, with complex pilotage and towage required to navigate the relatively shallow Pacific approach channels, which limit tonnage to around 10,000teu. Nearby Port Alberni Port Authority has submitted proposals for an ocean-facing transhipment hub in the Alberni Inlet on Vancouver island, which, it says, would allow vessel calls of up to 22,000teu.