Engine room fire halts general cargo ship off Indonesian coast

Mentari Selarus

An Indonesian-flagged general cargo ship has been towed back to port after a fire started onboard stopping the vessel in its tracks just 4 n miles (7.4 km) from the port of Waingapu, Indonesia.

The fire, which reportedly started in the engine room of the 2007-built, 2,979 GT Mentari Selaras, started at 0630 h local time on 8 June while the vessel was travelling away from the port of Waingapu headed for the port of Ende, Indonesia.

A search-and-rescue (SAR) team comprising the Basarnas, Indonesian Navy, police, and KSOP Waingapu, was sent to the cargo ship in order to assist the crew with firefighting efforts. The 17-strong crew insisted on remaining onboard to proactively tackle the fire. Once all flames had been successfully extinguished, the disabled vessel and its crew were towed back to port.

No casualties were reported.

Emi Frizer, the head of Kupang’s search-and-rescue office (Basarnas), East Nusa Tenggara,  in an official statement, said that the Mentari Selaras had been withdrawn by the SAR team using the Prima Power 05 tug boat.

Mentari Selaras is owned and managed by Mentari Surya Pradana PT of Surabaya, Indonesia. The ship has formerly sailed under the name Kannon Baru.