Fender bender leaves hole in Taichung lighthouse embankment

A damaged embankment.
A damaged embankment. Credit Martina Li

A general cargo ship reportedly came into contact with a lighthouse in Taichung, Taiwan, leaving a hole in the embankment.

The Maritime and Port Bureau said that at 0318 h local time on 6 November 2019, the Panama-flagged cargo ship was moving out of Taichung port when it came into contact with what is commonly referred to as the Southern Lighthouse.

The bureau said, “There were visible scratches on the portside of the vessel, but none of the crew were hurt. The accident also didn’t result in any oil leakage into the sea and at no time was the ship at risk of capsizing. The ship is still capable of sailing on its own, but is now anchored within the port in order for the incident to be investigated.”

The 20,992 dwt cargo ship is 181 m long and 28 m wide. The name of the vessel was not disclosed.

IHS Markit Maritime and Trade’s vessel tracking data indicates that the ship may be the 2013-built Ansac Christine Nancy, which belongs to Santoku Senpaku. AIS data shows that the ship is still within Taichung, and is due to arrive in Port Walcott, Australia, on 23 November.