HawkEye and Windward partner to improve tracking of illegal vessel activity

AIS image of a ship. Credit: Windward HawkEye 360

Radio frequency data analytics company, HawkEye 360 have partnered with maritime risk analytics firm Windward, to improve the visibility of vessels suspected of carrying out illegal activities.

The announcement, made at Windward’s Sea the Future Conference in London on 22 May, will combine HawkEye 360 space-based radio frequency geolocation services with Windward’s technology platform and be able to validate a vessel’s reported AIS location and continue tracking even when a vessel has ‘gone dark’.

The partnership will provide improved awareness of suspect vessels operating around the world and monitor activities so as to help countries, law enforcement entities, financial institutions and maritime insurers to be aware of infringements on a global scale.

Windward co-founder and CEO, Ami Daniel, said, “we’re delighted to be working with HawkEye 360, and look forward to exploring how RF geolocations and analysis can offer our clients an even better service through enhanced risk modelling.”