ICTSI announces new port cyber security measures

Display showing stages of hacking in progress. Credit: Getty Images

Manila-based International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) announced this week that it had entered a partnership with security software services company BlackBerry Cylance to upgrade cyber security at its 32 terminals worldwide.

The move comes after questions were raised in the Australian parliament in October over security and the offshoring of jobs at Australia’s first fully automated container terminal.

Victoria International Container Terminal, Melbourne, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTSI. The joint ICTSI/BlackBerry media release acknowledged that cyber security was the new frontier in maritime safety.

Evan Davidson, vice-president of sales at BlackBerry Cylance APAC, told SAS, “ICTSI is on a journey to increase their cyber maturity. They were running three versions of cyber software and did not have the critical intervention they required.”

Davidson declined to comment on whether ICTSI had suffered cyber attacks in the past. However, he asserted the CylancePROTECT is a software that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to “detect, prevent, and contain existing and new malware will prevent threats”.

“No company can claim that their security products can 100% protect from all information security threats. The use of AI cyber-security solutions is also not a silver bullet, however, it has been proven by independent assessors to be 99.1% effective at predicting and preventing cyber attacks on the end point,” he said, citing studies that show the software has a predictive advantage of up to 33 months.

ICTSI spokesperson Brian Hibbert said there was a huge risk to the organisation in today’s threat climate, “Economies never sleep – but neither do hackers,” he said.

“Some sites were using signature-based AV tools [audio-visual tools], some were using free solutions. Others were using out-of-date technology,” said Hibbert. “This was a huge risk to our organisation in today’s threat climate, so we applied a single-unified approach to endpoint security across our portfolio.”

ICTSI is now leveraging CylancePROTECT.