ISWAN launch mental health awareness course

Mental health awareness. Credit: Getty Images

Seafarer welfare charity, ISWAN, have launched a new, one-day training course to provide an introduction to mental health awareness for management level personnel on shore and onboard ships.

The training course is in response to guidelines released by the UK Chamber of Shipping, in May 2018, to aid shipping companies in creating mental wellbeing policies.

The course was designed by a consultant clinical psychologist jointly with ISWAN and adapts best practice for mental health awareness (specifically at sea), as well as early recognition signs and response for a seafaring context.

The training day will be made up of discussions, presentations, and practical activities to meet the following aims:

• Raise awareness of mental health and the impact of stigma

• Increase understanding of common mental health problems and their causes

• Understand how mental health might be affected by working at sea

• Recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems

• Build skills and confidence in knowing when to act and how to support someone whilst at sea

The course will take place mid-June 2019.