Guide released to help abandoned seafarers

Arrested and Detained Vessels, and Abandoned Seafarers. Credit: ISWARN

Seafarer welfare charity, ISWAN, in collaboration with InterManager, the International Chamber of Shipping(ICS), the International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA), and the International Transport Worker’s Federation (ITF), has released a new booklet in April to assist welfare organisations dealing with incidents of seafarers being abandoned or vessels being detained or arrested.

The guide, entitled Arrested and Detained Vessels and Abandoned Seafarers, outlines the responsibilities of the authorities and other organisations involved when problems are identified onboard a vessel in port. It also outlines best practice measures for these situations, so that welfare agencies can review their own procedures.

The information in the booklet builds on guidance produced originally by the United Kingdom Merchant Navy Welfare Board, and has been adapted by other national welfare boards to suit these particular circumstances.

Roger Harris, executive director of ISWAN, commented “unfortunately seafarers are still being abandoned in ports around the world. This timely guide, produced in partnership with InterManager, ICS, ITF, and ICMA, gives practical information and advice on how to deal with a situation when a vessel is abandoned.”