Oman tanker update: Crew unharmed as investigation continues

Crew from the suspected targeted oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman relaxing in TV room. Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images

The crew aboard the Front Altair have safely arrived in Dubai International airport on 16 June following the suspected attack to the vessel earlier in the week.

According to the vessel’s owners, Front Management AS, the crew are currently resting in Dubai and have been in contact with their families. They will also assist the legal team and appropriate authorities on a debrief of the incident.

Robert Macleod, CEO at Frontline Management AS, commented, “When such a serious incident occurs our greatest concern is for the safety of the crew. The captain quickly made the prudent decision to evacuate the ship and get them safely on board the Hyundai Dubai … I would like to salute the captain and the crew who performed very professionally in a difficult situation”.

The Front Altair is currently undergoing an investigation with a specialist salvage and inspection crew on board. The vessel underwent a full assessment following the fire and was deemed safe for ship-to-ship transfer of cargo on board. There was also no marine pollution reported.

The crew aboard the Kokuka Courageous were also safely evacuated and the one, only slightly injured crew member is now back on board the vessel, which is now being towed to the port of Khor Fakkan.

A Bernard Schulte ship management representative commented, “The Kokuka Courageous is stable. Full damage assessments will be carried out, but there is no danger of it sinking and there is no loss of cargo or fuel containment.”

The investigation into the incident that led to crew evacuations and ship abandonment of both vessels is ongoing.