Piracy in Nigeria spurs more patrol vessel deliveries

FCS 4008 patrol vessel Mediator III delivered to Nigeria. Credit: Damen

Increased pirate activity in the Gulf of Guinea is keeping Damen Shipyards Group busy. This year, the shipbuilder has had orders for five patrol vessels to service Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas sector.

On 13 November, the shipbuilder announced that it had launched one FCS 3007 Patrol vessel and completed the sea trials of two FCS 4008 Patrol vessels for its client SR Platforms, a wholly owned Nigerian company that delivers marine and offshore support services.

The FCS 4008 vessels were ordered in July 2019 and the FCS 3007 at the beginning of April. “The exceptionally rapid progress on the 4008 vessels was owing to their already being available in stock at Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam. Although constructed to the standard Fast Crew Supplier format, the vessels were converted to patrol specification and various custom modifications made to meet the client’s requirements,” Damen said.

The FCS 4008 is just over 40 m long. The 140 m² aft deck can be used for transporting personnel and cargo. The vessel can perform firefighting and oil spill recovery with the appropriate equipment fitted. Defensive features include an internal citadel to protect passengers and crew from small arms fire.

On delivery, the two Damen FCS 4008 Patrols will immediately be deployed as fast support intervention vessels on a contract with a major international oil company.

The FCS 3307 Patrol model is 33 m long with an axe bow hull and a top speed of 29 kt. Typically, it can accommodate a crew of six with 12 security personnel or passengers. A 75 m² cargo deck aft is rated at 2.5 tonnes per m².

SR Platforms placed its first order with Damen in 2015. “Following the success of Mediator, our first FCS 3307 Patrol, we chose to work again with Damen. We look forward to Mediator II, Mediator III, and Mediator IV joining our fleet,” said Babatunde Aiyenuro, managing director of SR Platforms.

Meanwhile, two FCS 3307 Patrol vessels, Guardian 9 and 10, were added to Homeland Integrated Offshore Services’ fleet in late October.

“We work with many of the international oil companies operating actively in the Gulf of Guinea and these new additions will support them in achieving their strategic global objectives,” said Louis Ekere, chief executive officer and managing director of Homeland Integrated Offshore Services.