Russia-USA near miss in East China Sea

The US Navy cruiser USS Chancellorsville (CG 62), right, avoids collision with Russian destroyer. Credit: US Navy

Russia and the USA are still at odds over responsibility for an apparent near collision on 7 of June. The incident took place in the early hours of the morning near the Philippines in the East China Sea.

The American USS Chancellorsville and the Russian Admiral Vinogradov, came within 165 feet (50 metres) of each other, with each side respectively claiming that their ship was forced to perform emergency manoeuvres to avoid collision.

A statement made by the Russian Pacific Fleet commented on the incident, “The US guided-missile cruiser Chancellorsville suddenly changed course and cut across the path of the destroyer Admiral Vinogradov.”

While the US Seventh Fleet spokesman, commander Clayton Doss said, “While operating in the Philippine Sea, a Russian Destroyer … made an unsafe maneuver against USS Chancellorsville.”

No crew or personnel were injured on either vessel nor did either sustain any damage, it has been reported.