UK Chamber of Shipping develops Safety Culture Charter

Seaman AB in full PPE on deck. Credit: Shutterstock

A ‘Safety Culture Charter’ has been developed by the UK Chamber of Shipping to support its shipowner and operating members in making a commitment to promote and adopt a positive safety culture within their organisations.

The aim of the new Charter is to reduce the number of accidents and incidents at sea. Making safety a top priority, driving a Just Culture and facilitating continued collaboration with the UK Chamber of Shipping and other member companies are promoted through the Charter.

The Safety Culture Charter is intended to supplement and complement the work done by organisations in terms of their safety objectives and safety management systems (SMS) without creating additional burden on current resources. Through ‘Commitment Actions’, companies using the Charter will be able to review their progress and share experiences with other adopters to improve their safety culture.

The UK Chamber of Shipping says that this Charter is a “demonstrable step towards making improvements in safety, driving continuous improvement of safety culture across the industry with the overall aim of reducing accidents and incidents”.

The UK Chamber of Shipping currently represents more than 80 shipowners that have a corporate or operating base in the UK across a wide range of sectors. The official launch of the Safety Culture Charter will take place at the headquarters of the UK Chamber of Shipping in London on 10 September 2019.