Vessel suffers water ingress after Macau collision

Collision in Macau, vessel damage. Credit: Martina Li

On the morning of 9 June, two cargo vessels collided in Macau, resulting in serious water ingress to one of the vessels.

The domestic vessels, identified only as Xin Hong Xiang 3X and Jin Sha Ji 88XX, were positioned near the inner harbour channel north of Taipa Ferry Pier at the time of the accident about 08.10 am local time.

While Xin Hong Xiang 3X retained its propelling ability and, at the guidance of Macau’s Marine and Water Bureau, moved to the anchorage to await follow-up action, Jin Sha Ji 88XX sustained serious water ingress and listed.

Jin Sha Ji 88XX has been stranded in the inner port channel, disrupting the navigation of other vessels. The Marine and Water Bureau despatched rescue personnel and none of the crew members on the two vessels were hurt. The bureau also stationed vessels near Jin Sha Ji 88XX to guide passing traffic.

While the owner of Jin Sha Ji 88XX, which is reportedly loaded with construction materials, arranges for salvage operations, the Marine and Water Bureau will place buoys around the stranded vessel to alert other vessels.

Both vessels are suspected to have been overloaded, in violation of maritime regulations, and their operators face prosecution. The Marine and Water Bureau called for vessel owners to abide by maritime regulations and navigation safety, adding that it will not hesitate to prosecute errant owners.