ABS first to accept 3D digital models for class surveys

Excess paperwork. Credit: iStock/kiddy0265

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has completed a pilot project using 3D digital models for class surveys. ABS will now fully support 3D model integration into engineering and surveys.

The pilot project was carried out with the National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, where surveyors used 3D digital models rather than the traditional 2D drawings for a simulation of a construction survey on steel blocks.

ABS said the 3D models have the potential to save up to 25% design time and allow a designer or shipyard to eliminate 2D drawings. The models are also said to be easier to navigate and reduce time required to train shipyard craftsmen.

Surveyors can access the 3D models remotely and in real-time as they are available in ABS software programmes.

“ABS is leading the way in the development of digital class and this significant step forward is another example of how we are innovating with digital technologies to deliver operational efficiencies for the industry,” said Christopher Wiernicki, chairman, president and CEO, ABS.