Additional cases of coronavirus confirmed on Diamond Princess

The quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship. Here, passengers with ocean-facing rooms stand on their balconies. Credit: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images

A further 39 passengers have tested positive for coronavirus on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship, the ship’s operator Princess Cruise Lines has confirmed.

This brings the total cases onboard from 136 to 175, according to This tallies with figures  from the Japanese Ministry of health, who are leading the public health inquiry and investigation.

“Out of 53 new test results, 39 people were found positive,” Katsunobo Kato, Japanese health minister told reporters on 11 February, adding that a quarantine official had also been infected with the virus.

The minister added, “At this point, we have confirmed that four people, among those who are hospitalised, are in a serious condition, either on a ventilator or in an intensive care unit.”

According to the Kyodo news agency, out of the 39 newly diagnosed cases, 10  were crew, a further 10 were Japanese nationals and the remaining 19 were from 11 other countries including the US and China.

The vessel has been under quarantine since 4 February after a former passenger from Hong Kong tested positive with the virus, and is anchored at the port of Yokohama, Japan.

The vessel was expected to be released from quarantine on 19 February, however, considering the new cases it is unclear whether the Japanese Ministry of Health will follow through with this plan.

The World Health Organisation, at a press conference in Geneva on 11 February, has officially named the virus “COVID-19” following the outbreak which has claimed over 1,000 lives and infected over 42,000 people.

Originating in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, the virus has spread from to other countries in the region including; Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia. The virus has also spread abroad due to infected due to infected Chinese nationals travelling to these countries.