Australia border force enforce COVID-19 14-day quarantine for crew

Australian Border Force. Credit: ABF

Following the announcement made by the prime minister of Australia, the Australia Border Force (ABF) issued a guidance for maritime crew arriving in Australia, including a 14-day isolation period.

Maritime crew will be permitted to enter Australia by vessel, however crew arriving from international ports must observe a precautionary self-isolation period of 14 days from leaving the port.

All crew must remain onboard during what remains of the 14-day period while the vessel is berthed in Australia, those who need to carry out essential vessel functions and disembark the vessel must wear PPE while carrying out these functions. Crew must also wear PPE in public spaces on the vessel while non-crew members are on board. Shore leave can be taken once the 14-day quarantine period has passed and no crew member shows signs of having the virus.

Further the ABF guidance allows for crew signing off in Australia that have completed the 14-day isolation period to sign on another vessel in Australia or transit and depart the country via a flight. Crew will be required to provide evidence of their flight details or next vessel arrangements to do so.

Crew members signing off who have not completed the 14-day isolation period must self-isolate in their accommodation. Where a crew member’s flight out of Australia has been delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19, the crew member can remain in Australia on their existing crew visa until alternative transportation has been arranged.

The full guidance can be accessed from the ABF website.