Charities to give seafarer families cash grants for home schooling costs

Seafarer families. Credit: Seafarer UK

A financial and educational support package to help children of UK seafarer families during the COVID-19 crisis has been launched by the Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation (RMNEF) and the Fishermen’s Mission (FM).

The new support package, aimed at those most financially affected by the pandemic, will issue grants of GBP250 (USD311) per family for educational tools, such as laptops and internet connectivity, to aid home schooling. Some families will have access to both laptops and grants, depending on how much individual support is needed.

This support package is in addition to the support routinely provided by the RMNEF, which is available to the children of those who have served or are serving at sea in the Merchant Navy, the Fishing Fleet and as crew members of Royal National Lifeboat Institution. This includes contributions towards the costs of school uniforms, school trips, and professional development courses.

The new package is designed for UK front-line maritime workers and their families and aims to help make up the shortfall in provision from the benefits system.

“In these testing times, it is crucial that the education and wellbeing of children is prioritised, which is why we will be providing instant cash grants in addition to laptops to protect children’s access to education.” said Charles Heron-Watson, CEO of RMNEF.

Applicants must contact their nearest branch of the RMNEF of FM for further information.