CMA CGM main e-commerce sites still down after cyber attack

CMA CGM underwent a malware attack on 28 September 2020. An investigation into the attack is still ongoing. Credit: JuSun/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The main e-commerce websites of CMA CGM, including APL, ANL, and CNC, are still unavailable 12 days after a malware attack on 28 September 2020.

Only two CMA CGM subsidiaries, Mercosul and Containerships, are now fully functional with their online services working.

In response to the attack, and shutdown of external access to its network systems, the company is gradually reconnecting its worldwide agency network, a CMA CGM representative said in an email.

“All communications to and from the CMA CGM Group are secure, including emails, transmitted files, and electronic data interfaces,” the company said in a statement.

The CMA CGM Group is continuing to work to restore access to all its information systems. The Group’s technical team, along with independent experts, are carrying out an investigation into the attack.