Container ship catches fire in Iran port

Iranian port city of Bushehr. Credit: Wikipedia

A fire on board a container ship docked at Ameri port in the southern Iranian port city of Bushehr was brought under control on 6 July, following concerns that the blaze would spread to other vessels.

According to Hojjat Khosravi, a spokesperson for the Bushehr Province’s ports and maritime organisation, it took four hours to localise and extinguish the fire. There were no casualties and the fire did not spread to any other vessels in the port. The authorities are looking into the causes of the blaze and assessing the damage it inflicted.

In May 2020, a group led by the global marine insurance industry tabled a submission to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) calling for greater firefighting standards on the world’s container vessels following a spate of container vessel fires.

The submission to the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee called for amendments to SOLAS chapter 11-2 regulations on enhanced provisions for early fire detection and the effective control of fires in containerised cargoes stowed under and on deck.