COVID-19 hits Keppel Shipyard again

Keppel Shipyard in Singapore. Credit: Keppel Shipyard

Singapore’s Keppel Shipyard experienced a second COVID-19 outbreak, with three cases reported on 24 June.

The first outbreak was confirmed on 2 April, along with three infections reported.

Singapore began partially lifting lockdowns on 19 June, and many shops have reopened. There have been concerns that the easing of movement restrictions will precipitate a second wave of COVID-19 infections. China, Germany, and South Korea are impacted by new COVID-19 infections after lifting lockdowns.

It is not known whether the latest cases in Keppel Shipyard, part of local conglomerate Keppel Corporation, are office employees, yard workers, or customers. Keppel Shipyard’s official spokesperson told SAS that the organisation is unable to offer further information.

The infected persons in the second COVID-19 cluster in Keppel Shipyard are among seven community transmissions confirmed on 24 June. While temperature taking is enforced in public places, asymptomatic cases are hard to detect.

SAS spoke to a source at Keppel Shipyard who said that the premises have been cleaned and disinfected after the second outbreak came to light.

“Like many places, staff and visitors must have their temperature taken and those with fever will be denied entry and advised to seek medical advice. Visitors must also provide their names and contact numbers to facilitate contact tracing in case of an outbreak,” said the source.