InterManager push for crew change data in ‘Maritime Champions Club’

Crew on vessel. Credit: InterManager

The international trade association for ship and crew managers, InterManager, have announced a name change for their crew change initiative amid COVID-19 travel restrictions, launched in May 2020, to the Maritime Champions Club.

InterManager have chosen to change the name of its initiative to dispel any misunderstanding over its aim, and to re-iterate that the data collected is not to promote competition or comparison. Rather, to showcase the shipping industry’s crew repatriation successes and hopefully spur others into action.

“The initiative was never meant to be viewed as a competition between an organisation’s crew change statistics: it was to give kudos to all who have successfully organised crew changes, with the Club’s data organised alphabetically and irrespective of volume,” said Kuba Szymanski, secretary general, InterManager.

Szymanski hopes the name change will encourage more shipping managers and operators to share their crew repatriation data. “The current data is only representative of 10% of the whole picture. Our most recent data shows that over 19,000 seafarers have already been successfully repatriated for crew changes, yet 200,450 seafarers are still due to travel,” said Szymanski.

The Maritime Champions Club can be found on the InterManager website and details the nationality, volume, and routes used for crews that have been safely repatriated. It also shows the efforts of the national administrations that are open for crew changes during COVID-19, for ship managers and operators that are still in the planning stages.