MSC confirm malware attack

Credit: Getty Images

A recent network outage at the MSC Mediterranean headquarters in Geneva found that a malware attack had affected a limited number of computer systems, after a thorough investigation.

In mid-April, MSC experienced an outage at its data centres, which affected the availability of some of MSC’s digital tools, including the company website. An investigation was carried out and found that no data was lost or compromised as a result of the malware attack.

The incident was carried out during the Easter weekend, 10-12 April, and was confined to MSC’s Geneva headquarters. The company said that only a small number of physical computer systems were involved and the malware attack was based on an engineered targeted vulnerability, meaning a targeted attack on a vulnerability in the company’s IT systems.

The outage had minimal impact as MSC’s global agencies continued working and MSC terminals and depots operated without disruption. This is not the first maritime cyber attack to be made public this year. Toll Group was forced to shut down IT systems across multiple sites after an attack on 3 February.

MSC said in a statement that it is “very conscious of the perennial threat of cyber-security in the shipping industry” and adopts all necessary security protocols in its communications and transactions. MSC also offers cyber-security training for employees on shore and at sea.

MSC is a founding member of the Digital Container Shipping Association, a neutral, non-profit industry group which is working on supporting companies in the sector in cyber risk management, among its various workstreams.