COVID-19 risk assessment tool could expedite crew changes developed

View of the Greywing risk assessment tool, Landfall. Credit: Greywing

A risk assessment (RA) tool to assess the COVID-19 threat level of vessels to facilitate crew movement at ports is being developed by online security platform, Greywing.

The RA tool, called Landfall, will use historical information from the Centre for Disease Control and Johns Hopkins, a private research university, to assess and analyse as part of the algorithm the threat of COVID-19 onboard vessels. The RA will record past port calls, geographical movements, as detected by the AIS and vessel manager declarations, and crew changes.

A threat score will then be assigned based on the incubation and quarantine time of the virus.  The RA platform will also include self-declared information from vessel masters and crew, which will be digitally signed and timestamped to ensure fidelity.

“We are also building an anonymised dataset on vessels that are clear of, and infected by COVID-19,” said Nick Clarke, CEO Greywing, speaking to SAS. “By assessing where vessels that are clear and infected have been, we can assess the likelihood of a transmission happening at those locations and continue to refine the risk assessment to be more accurate.”

The RAs will be administered digitally by the Greywing platform, acting as a third-party verification service, to provide objective assessments. Greywing is working on coordinating between multiple port authorities and vessel managers to see what information they can supply to improve their RA tool .

“Port authorities are as keen to resolve this problem, which on a daily basis becomes more of a humanitarian crisis of personnel trapped offshore, as opposed to a commercial crisis,” Clarke told SAS. “In cases where we can statistically prove that there is no chance of COVID-19 being on a vessel that should be verified in several test cases to authenticate the Greywing methodologies veracity and the risk assessment should be more widely accepted.”

The RA tool is currently in beta testing and rolled out to select Greywing clients. Once client and port authority feedback has been incorporated preparations for wide release will begin.