Taiwan’s largest bunker tanker leaks oil after hitting pier

The launch of Taian No. 2. Credit: Sasaki Shipbuilding

Strong winds blew Taiwan’s largest bunkering tanker off its spot, causing it to hit part of a wharf in Taichung port on 19 October 2020.

Authorities said that the 2,489 dwt Taian No. 2 was moving from Pier 99 to Pier 2 when the vessel lost control due to strong winds.

The starboard side of the stern collided with the corners of Piers 29 and 30. The impact cracked the oil tank in the stern section, causing a large amount of fuel oil to leak into the sea.

Personnel of the Taichung branch of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) urgently placed oil booms to contain the spill.

TIPC’s Taichung personnel set up a response centre to co-operate with Taichung’s Environmental Protection Bureau, the Maritime and Port Bureau, and the coastguard to deal with the oil spill.

Fuel cords were placed around Taian No. 2 to intercept the leaking oil, and oil-absorbing cotton was used to remove the pollution. Taiwanese oil refinery CPC Corporation also sent two tank trucks to the scene to speed up the removal of leaked oil, and the oil pollution was brought under control later that day.

Taian No. 2 was built by Japan’s Sasaki Shipbuilding in early 2020 and the tanker is managed by local shipping company Ta-Tong Marine.