Crew wellbeing: The most common health issues at sea

Doctor treating patient. Credit: Sashua Suzi / Getty Images

Staying healthy while working at sea is not always easy. SAS talks to P&I Clubs to find out the most pressing concerns of crew health and how they work to combat them

Life at sea is hard, with the day-to-day activities of running a vessel teamed with being far from family and shore routine, the health of the crew members can be overlooked. P&I Clubs have a vested interest in crew health and wellbeing, as insurers dealing with claims note that safety is key to their loss prevention agenda; as summarised by The American Club, “safety begins with the wellbeing of the seafarer”.

Knowing the most common maladies that affect those working at sea is an ideal first step in prevention or early diagnoses, which will increase the likelihood of medical intervention minimising more serious health issues in the future. P&I Club data gives us a good indication of the top three health problems experienced by crew, which serve as a useful reminder for ways to improve their own lifestyle.

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