Collaborative efforts improve safety on Lake Victoria

Tanzanian rescue workers search for victims after an incident in Lake Victoria. Credit: STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

A collaborative project between Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda aims to improve emergency response operations and reduce the thousands of annual deaths caused by shipping incidents on Lake Victoria, dubbed as one of the most dangerous waterways in the world

Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake spanning the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, records nearly 5,000 deaths every year from accidents involving transportation and fishing boats, which has prompted demands for new safety structures to avert and reduce the lake fatalities and losses.

The 69,000 km2 lake continues to record incidents of vessel capsizing because of overloading, engine failures, head-on collisions, as well as onboard fires, drownings, and piracy. Countries in the region hope to address these issues through the installation of a modern, affordable maritime communication system that would improve emergency response and rescue operations.

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