Product: Charts integrate weather data

StormGeo Acquires Nautisk (Credit:

StormGeo, a provider of weather intelligence and decision support services, has acquired Nautisk, a global supplier of maritime charts and publications to the merchant marine, from NHST Media Group.

The combination, StormGeo claims, allows it to be the first to integrate its routeing and weather services with “state-of-the-art” charts and publications.

According to Per-Olof Schroeder, CEO of StormGeo, “In recent years, Nautisk has developed state-of-the-art software for use in planning and navigation, while maintaining one of the industry’s best-run operations for delivering paper charts and publications to vessels worldwide. The power of the combined StormGeo-Nautisk solution will directly benefit customers as we advance our vision as a premier shipping services player.”

This new all-in-one platform will allow StormGeo and Nautisk customers to optimise routeing, obtain appropriate charts, and create a voyage plan without switching between disparate systems. Integrating navigational information with weather intelligence and the company’s proprietary route optimisation algorithms, StormGeo said, would enhance “quality and offer significant usability and cost benefits to customers”.

Nautisk CEO Thomas Fjeld said, “Our complementary offering means that together we can provide a solution that has no rival and will drive usability, provide richer functionality, and offer more value for our customers.”

Fjeld will become vice president of planning and navigation within StormGeo after the acquisition. The transaction was expected to close by the end of October or earlier, pending the fulfilment of certain standard conditions.