Product: Easing the compliance burden

Cloud-based maritime software company MESPAS has released its latest software update with features it said will make the lives of safety and quality managers easier.

The update means that Oil Companies International Forum (OCIMF) vetting inspection reports can now be imported, and issues tracked and resolved. After third-party inspections of tankers by oil majors, superintendents can automatically import the OCIMF vessel inspection questionnaire to the MESPAS QHSE module, and generate the inspection record and a task list of all non-conformities. Issues can be monitored and resolved, while reductions in non-conformities can be graphically demonstrated and quality improved.

“At subsequent inspections, superintendents can demonstrate that they are continually improving their systems,” said MESPAS.

Furthermore, MESPAS Analytics is now compliant to both MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) and IMO DCS (Data Collection System), and ISM (International Safety Management Code) forms and tasks can be linked.

The company said that following up with reported incidents via ISM is easier as managers using MESPAS now have all the information at their fingertips. ISM forms and tasks can be linked for easy tracking and resolving. The forms, using Adobe technology, can be created by customers and adapted to their requirements. Meanwhile, key performance indicators can be analysed via automatically generated reports. Certificates can also be reviewed and expiry dates tracked.

MESPAS customers can now also automatically report CO2 emissions and fuel consumption that are MRV- and IMO DCS-compliant. CO2 emissions data for voyages in the reporting period 2018 for ships over 5,000 gross tonnage must be reported to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) as of January 2019. MESPAS Analytics software enables ship managers to collect and aggregate this data and upload it to the EMSA system for reporting.

As of January 2019, similar reporting regulations for fuel consumption will also come in to play internationally with IMO DCS. All MESPAS customers using our MRV tools are now automatically also IMO DCS compliant.