Product: ECDIS streamlined for safety and efficiency

Danelec Marine has enhanced its line of electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) to make navigation easier and safer for crew.

The enhancements include a universal radar overlay module that allows radar images to be superimposed on the electronic chart display, and a conning display dashboard to give a concise view of the status of all navigational subsystems and sensors. Both are now available with the company’s DM700 and DM800 G2 ECDIS products.

The radar processing unit can be interfaced with most current radar systems from major manufacturers. It receives the data stream from the radars and converts it into a format that can be overlaid on the ECDIS chart display. A single processing unit can feed radar images to multiple ECDIS workstations on the ship.

“The radar overlay improves navigational safety and efficiency by making it easier for the ship’s officers to identify navigational aids, the shoreline, and the location and movement of other ships in the area in a single integrated picture,” said Hans Ottosen, CEO of Danelec Marine.

The conning display dashboard provides a more concise summary of the status and performance of all connected navigation systems and sensors, such as gyrocompass heading, speed, water depth, engine rpm, wind speed and direction, rudder angle, and rate of turn.

“At a glance, the navigator has a quick view of vital navigation data on a large, easy-to-read dashboard display,” said Ottosen. “Presenting these readouts on a separate dashboard simplifies the navigator’s job by avoiding screen clutter on the main ECDIS display.”

Ottensen said the radar processing unit and conning display were part of the company’s bid to future-proof its technology to allow for easy software updates. They include its Software Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology, which he said reduced time and cost for ship service and repairs.

Danelec Marine also announced that its ECDIS DM700 and DM800 G2 systems had received type approval certificates from the US Coast Guard, signifying that the products meet all applicable technical requirements and performance standards.