Product: Fighting fire with simulators

(Credit: Michael Pereckas)
(Credit: Michael Pereckas)

Kongsberg Digital has launched a simulator solution for training officers and crew in advanced firefighting that will help crew develop a more streamlined safety strategy.

The practical exercises, set in a realistic, “high fidelity” simulated environment covers all aspects of fire safety in accordance with the STCW Code requirements.

K-Sim Safety is based on a detailed 3D representation of a 152,000 dwt double hull Suez Max crude oil carrier with 7 decks, which allows trainees to assess situations and determine the best response strategy, implement it and then observe the consequences of their decisions during a debriefing.

The company stated that K-Sim Safety will help reduce the impact of fire on board, and help crew to plan strategies and tactics to control fire in different parts of the ship, enabling a more effective response to incidents.

Integration with K-Sim Engine and K-Sim Cargo simulators, as well as K-Sim Navigation also offers the possibility for crew resource training where actions on one simulator will directly affect others. “This approach engenders more focus on clear communication between different roles on board,” said Kongsberg.

As a full mission training system, K-Sim Safety includes two separate fire team muster stations with a detailed 3D virtual hotel and machinery space application, visualised in an interactive 3D walk-through animation of the entire engine room and four upper decks. It features high quality object and equipment models combined with powerful incidental visuals including fire and smoke, flooding, and missing persons to ensure a “highly realistic scene”.

During exercises, each fire team – consisting a team leader, an assistant and two smoke divers – can walk around selected areas of the ship using an Xbox controller. If the scenario call for smoke divers to split from the team, they can move to a separate area and continue the exercise using their own controllers and monitors.