Product: FibreGrid anti-slip flooring

DeckGrip Max Anti Slip GRP Structural Decking Boards (Credit:

Slips, trips, and falls is one of the most common injuries reported by crew and has created costly personal injury claims for P&I clubs. FibreGrid believes its anti-slip flooring products are the solution. The company produces glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) anti-slip decking strips that come in two options, standard or heavy duty, and suitable for medium to heavy traffic areas.

Made from ortho resin via a pultrusion process (by which fibers and resin are pulled through a heated die), DeckGrip Max Anti Slip GRP Structural Decking Boards are constructed as an anti-slip solution to replace the wooden planks on decking. “Our Anti Slip Heavy Duty GRP Decking Strips are long-lasting and extremely durable anti-slip solution to slippery decking,”said Nathalie Coutts, the company’s spokesperson. Strips are drilled down on the surface of wooden decking. The product is fitted in the same way as traditional timber decking with screws and bolts.

“Our GRP Structural Decking Boards and GRP Decking Strips are an extremely durable solution to slippery decking, for marinas and quays,” said Coutts. “Made from GRP, they are resistant to rotting in damp environments, and are an ideal alternative traditional wooden decking. In addition, our GRP products are chemical-,oil-, and impact-resistant and anti-slip, keeping people on their feet in slippery areas. Both products are also aesthetically pleasing, and blend in well into environments with timber decking.”

The Suffolk-based company produces a range of anti-slip flooring for a variety of applications including maritime and marinas.

All products supplied by FibreGrid are manufactured in strict accordance with The American Bureau of Shipping Quality Assurance Certification criteria.