Product: Managing work times and all the rest

(Credit: Igor Kardasov)

Ship management software provider Hanseaticsoft has released a Rest Hours module for its Cloud Crewing service to help ensure the wellbeing of seafarers and prevent fatigue on ships.

Traditionally rest hours have been jotted down on pieces of paper or held in one place on board. The Rest Hours module has digitalised and centralised this traditional process. It allows crew members to enter their own rest hours rather than relying on someone else to collect and enter the data, which means they can access their own data and ensure the correct times have been recorded.

The module has been certified by Lloyd’s Register in compliance with the International Maritime Organization guidelines and standards and to the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code and International Labour Organization Maritime Labour Convention (ILO MLC), 2006.

This is the next step in the Hanseaticsoft Cloud Crewing service, enabling companies to connect onboard and shore teams to be able to collaborate easily on all areas of crew administration. This covers everything from preparing onboard payroll and expenses in line with often complex international and company-specific standards.

The service also allows crew and shore staff to manage personal data, plan shifts, and schedule crew changes. It can also cater for specialist nautical requirements such as the officers matrix for tanker crewing and rest period documentation.

Hanseaticsoft said, “Ensuring the wellbeing of seafarers, decent working conditions, and to prevent fatigue on ships are key factors to achieve a reliably working ship as well as an efficient crew and officers. We implemented all standards necessary as stated in our certificate.” The company added that this should help ships to avoid problems with port state control.