Navigation device awarded cyber security certification

NavBox. Credit: NAVTOR

E-Navigation specialist NAVTOR’s NavBox solution has been credited with the ‘cyber secure’ certification (IEC 61162-460) from marine manufacturer specialist DNV GL. NavBox, which automates the distribution and updates of digital charts, publications and other navigational data, now guarantees both regulatory compliance and security for an increasingly digitised generation of shipowners and operators.

With cyber threats against the marine industry on the rise Tor Svanes, CEO of NAVTOR commented, “If we look at the past two years we can identify a worrying increase of cyber criminal activity, with high profile attacks targeting, amongst others, key shipping businesses including Maersk and COSCO, as well as ports such as San Diego and Barcelona,“ he warned, adding, “and this is really just the tip of the iceberg.”

There are a wide range of security features offered by NavBox, including an encrypted connection, so that data being transferred is in a format only recognised by NAVTOR software, CRC checks, and communication only through secure servers. There is also inbuilt protection against malware through the non-transferal of executable files.

NavBox was also designed to cut administration fees and duties for navigators, which allows for greater efficiency and use of resources. NAVTOR, through NavBox, ensures that the most up-to-date charts and publications will be available onboard, which in turn leads to regulatory compliance.

This cyber security solution will provide shore-based teams with full insight into chart usage, allowing for more effective fleet management. NavBox is available as PC software or as a separate hardware box that will connect to a vessels’ ECDIS.

The E-navigation aspects of NavBox are also important components of this solution, as Svanes stated, “enabling optimal routing, fuel use, efficiency, operational intelligence, and communication between assets at sea and offices on shore. NavBox is a key component of our market leading e-Navigation proposition, so ensuring its resilience against any form of rogue cyber activity was a clear priority for us”.