New emergency evacuation system launched

Evacuator. Credit: Survitec

Safety equipment supplier Survitec has unveiled its emergency descent system during the April Wind Europe trade fair in Bilbao, Spain.

Evacuator is a fire-proof safety descent system, designed to evacuate people in time sensitive emergency situations at altitudes of 6m to 300m.

The fully mechanical evacuation system does not require power to operate (including electricity), ensuring reliability in situations of power loss or outage. With an automatic decent at a controlled speed of one metre per second, Evacuator was designed for use on high-rise structures including wind turbines, offshore substations, and harbour cranes. This includes all structures that relied upon rope-based rescue decent devices, or in some cases had no emergency evacuation options available at all.

The emergency decent system can be installed simply by using four or six bolts to connect it to a solid surface. Survitec said the ‘click and go’ mechanism is easy to use, especially in an emergency situation. The steel cables allow for multiple people to descend at once, providing that their combined weight does not exceed 282 kg.

There are currently three off-the-shelf models available, based on a structure height of 50m, 140m, and 300m. Survitec’s project team can also supply bespoke designs, suited to both newbuilds and retrofits, providing personal protective equipment (PPE) in the evacuation chest should it be required.

With an estimated lifespan of more than 30 years, annual inspections will need to be carried out by the owner to ensure proper working condition.