Product: Taking container firefighting to new heights

The HydroPen System (Credit: Rosenby Engineering)

Dangerous or misdeclared goods are a major hazard for container ship vessels and crew working on board. Such fires are difficult to target with current methods, particularly when the burning container is high up in the vessel’s container stack. To tackle this major problem, the HydroPen system from Rosenby Engineering has been developed with a telescopic lift to quickly and efficiently tackle container fires at height.

Powered only by water pressure from the fire main, the HydroPen system drills through a standard steel container door and then changes mode automatically to extinguish the fire inside.

The system consists of a telescopic lift and a drilling or spraying unit that works to target the burning container in a bid to extinguish the source of a fire as quickly as possible, protecting it from spreading to other containers and putting vessel and crew at risk.

Viking’s product management and newbuilding director Jørgen Holm, said the HydroPen system is a leap forward for protecting container vessels, their cargo and crew from one of modern shipping’s most hazardous situations.

The system is light weight at 9 kg, requires no electricity, simple to operate, and requires little training, said HydroPen distributor Viking. Importantly, system keeps crew at a safe distance from the fire.

“Traditionally, container fires at heights above the reach of the crew have been fought indirectly by dowsing the burning container and its surroundings with water,” said Holm, “It’s a drawn-out approach and does not address the fire in the container directly. The HydroPen system is a new innovative and ground-breaking technology that enables crew to effectively and efficiently fight container fires at significant heights in the stack.”