QinetiQ: Testing emerging technologies for live naval combat

Information advantage has become a significant driver for developing new naval capability.

This is due, in part, to the growing use of advanced intelligent technology for information warfare. This use of emerging technology represents our best opportunity to understand more about our adversaries and their operations.

To do that safely we must understand how emerging technologies generate data, appreciate how they can be used in practice, and determine how to protect them from compromise in real-world situations. It would be reasonable to assume that testing and evaluating intelligent digital technology requires an equally digital testing process. In fact, the need for live/physical testing remains in high demand.

This article, jointly developed by QinetiQ and the Royal Navy explores the paradox that more digital options for defence requires more physical testing by discussing the rationale behind live exercises such as INFORMATION WARRIOR – taking place at QinetiQ’s Portsdown Technology Park and several Warships at sea during April and May 2018.

The article includes perspectives from both QinetiQ and the Royal Navy on:

– Why live testing is critical for creating the single version of the truth on which defence must rely
– Why we need live testing to provide the granularity of data required to inform combat decisions
– The role of live testing in accelerating technology’s advancement through TRLs
– How live testing helps us assess real-world skills gaps that could hamper new technology deployment

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