APL England heads for Chinese repair yard

After discharging its cargo, the 5,510 teu APL England is en route to Zhoushan, China, for repairs, after agreeing to a AUD22.5 million (USD15.4 million) Australian cleanup operation. The Singapore-flagged vessel lost 50 containers in […]

APL England master charged, bailed

The master of APL England, which jettisoned some 50 containers in heavy weather off the east coast of Australia, has been charged, bailed, and is awaiting trial. The captain, 43-year-old Mohamad Zulkhaili Bin Alias, won […]

The major challenge that shipowners face is the fast growing cyber world and the complexities of security requirements. Credit: Getty Images

Toll company data for sale on the dark web

Ransomware attackers who hacked Toll Group’s corporate server files in May 2020 have published stolen data on the dark web, the company has announced. The hackers, using Nefilim ransomware, stole large tranches of information including […]