Ship collisions and the war over fish

Depleted seafood catches and the need to feed North Korea’s growing population have encouraged illegal fishing in Japanese waters. As coastguards go all out to enforce boundaries, collisions between patrol vessels and fishing trawlers are inevitable. […]

Firefight on the Russia-North Korea sea border

Three Russian guards patrolling territorial waters have been injured following an attack by North Korean sailors on 16 August. The sailors were accused by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSS) of illegally crossing the border into Russian waters. FSS officers were detaining 13 ships, […]

The US is stepping up efforts to enforce sanctions on North Korea

US takes aim at North Korean reflags

As part of tightening economic sanctions against North Korea, the United States is stepping up efforts to prohibit Pyongyang from using illicit flag registries – particularly among Pacific Island nations – to evade them. A […]